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Basic services

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Focus on cross-border e-commerce in the auto parts industry, provide safe and fast one-stop customs clearance, foreign exchange, tax refund, overseas warehousing, return and exchange services for the "general trade + overseas warehouse" model and 9610 direct mail model, and solve cross-border e-commerce The circulation service problem helps you to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and easily open the entire process of cross-border e-commerce.
1. Customs clearance service
Customs high-certification qualifications are quickly cleared, professionally operated by professional teams, for fast customs declaration, customs clearance, free agency inspection, national port operations
2, foreign exchange account
Settlement on the same day, settlement fast, professional operation, safe collection of foreign exchange. Cross-border RMB settlement, reasonable avoidance of foreign exchange risk
3. Tax refund service
Export tax rebates for corporate compliance. Security professional, the foreign exchange verification documents are completed within 3 working days, speeding up the flow of funds and alleviating the pressure on funds.
4. Overseas warehouse service
Provides public overseas warehouses in North America, Europe and Australia to provide import customs clearance, warehousing, packaging, return and other services.