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The Shishi Auto Parts Distribution Platform is a cross-border e-commerce distribution platform jointly developed by Yantai Meifeng and Zhongcai Acceleration. It integrates resource-integrated B2b2C online supply information platform from many suppliers. Yantai Meifeng is responsible for the operation of auto parts. The platform has two major functions. One is to combine its own warehousing and logistics advantages. One-stop is for cross-border e-commerce. Which sellers provide foreign trade source procurement, warehousing inventory management, order processing, and distribution packaging. To global distribution and other services; the second is to provide distribution channels for goods that have been stocked to overseas warehouses.
According to the global market forecast, the Jade Auto Parts Distribution Platform provides the latest and most demanding product sources. Chinese sellers can easily purchase orders from the platform and customize their products according to their needs. And online orders can be shipped to all parts of the world, the supplier stores the goods in the warehouse of the supply and sales warehouse, the warehouse receives the order for your packaging and processing, the Chinese sellers receive the order directly through the Panshi International Logistics System to place the order, The warehouse will be shipped the same day, and the International Logistics Department will ship the same day, saving you the cost and timeliness of each link.
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