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Value-added services

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Yantai Meifeng set up an operation incubation center in Qingdao and established a cross-border e-commerce training base with Qingdao Technological University. Mainly provide the following services:
1. Well-known B2C e-commerce platform generation service
To help more auto parts companies explore the international market, Yantai Meifeng has established a professional cross-border e-commerce operation team to provide operational services for well-known e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay and AliExpress for Chinese companies lacking experience in marketing and product direct sales. To help achieve B2C sales. The products are supplied by the cooperative enterprises. Yantai Meifeng provides store operations and cooperates and divides according to the principle of professional division of labor.
2. Brand affiliate service
In view of the fact that some enterprises do not have international trademarks, Yantai Meifeng provides brand authorization, and is responsible for the operation and promotion of stores and accounts, and quickly helps cooperative enterprises to develop cross-border e-commerce business.
3. Marketing and promotion services
Integrate network-wide marketing resources and unique operational thinking to provide a professional operation team to improve product sales. Integrate multi-channel resources such as googleadwords, facebook, twitter, youtube, etc., and the operation team provides accurate marketing services.
4. Talent incubation and training services
Cooperate with Qingdao University of Technology Business School to build a cross-border e-commerce training base to provide students with cross-border e-commerce training services and internship positions to cultivate talents in a real e-commerce environment. In 2017, 50 people were trained in cross-border electricity, and 16 of them entered the Qingdao Operational Incubation Center.
5. Other services
The Qingdao Operational Incubation Center also provides store opening services, international trademark registration services, VAT tax agency services, and US company registration services for mainstream cross-border e-commerce platforms.
In the current period of speeding up the transformation of new and old kinetic energy in our province, as an industry benchmarking enterprise, Yantai Meifeng shoulders the important mission of leading the transformation and upgrading of traditional auto parts enterprises. Yantai Meifeng will work diligently and wholeheartedly, and is determined to develop the comprehensive cross-border e-commerce platform of the meteorite into the first platform of the domestic auto parts cross-border e-commerce field, contributing to the development of the province's export-oriented economy!