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Platform advantage

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1. Automated vertical field intensive cultivation
Yantai Meifeng has been deeply involved in the auto parts industry for 25 years and has accumulated rich industry resources and experience. Familiar with North American and European auto parts consumer market and supply and demand characteristics, with a large number of B2B buyers resources. At the same time, the platform professional operation team has 5 years of cross-border e-commerce promotion and operation experience, and can use the SEO, SNS, local team push and other ways to open up the market.
2. Complete full-process service
Provide comprehensive cross-border e-commerce solutions including customs clearance, head logistics, platform collection, documents, tax rebates and distribution. Fully sunshine and compliance, fully utilize the national cross-border e-commerce policy to solve cross-border electricity Various constraints on business operations.
3, multi-channel sales, covering all types of platforms in all directions
The platform provides B2B, B2C and B2B2C various sales channels, covering foreign trade B2B self-built stations, B2C malls, Amazon, eBay, AliExpress and other mainstream cross-border e-commerce platforms, enabling multi-channel and multi-platform operations. At the same time, the platform has stable logistics and promotion partners in North America and Europe, enabling localized precision operations.