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Platform Enterprise

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Yantai Meifeng Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yantai Meifeng") is a Sino-foreign joint venture car disc brake professional solution. It was first established in 1993 in New York, USA, representative office CHINAMERICA BRAKE PARTS, 1998 Qingdao Meida Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. was established. In 2003, Yantai Meifeng Machinery Co., Ltd. was formally established with a registered capital of 4.089 million US dollars. It has a modern production base of 141,700 square meters and an international casting workshop. The annual production capacity is 9 million pieces. It is a collection of raw materials and casting materials. It is a leading manufacturer of automotive brake components for precision machining, cleaning, rust prevention and packaging.
The company is firmly committed to scientific and technological innovation, product technology research and development, focusing on product quality and integrity services. It has two well-known brands of professional-grade "Yanshi" safety brake discs and enthusiast-grade "Tou Langbao" intelligent brake discs. Han and all domestic models, high-quality products and excellent reputation have won the recognition of 4S shop and supporting after-sales market, and have been highly recognized in the cooperation projects of automobile brands in Asia, America, Europe and even the Middle East. Influential car brand brake system and designated supplier of automotive parts. The company has won the honorary title of high-tech enterprise certificate, top ten famous brands in China's automobile aftermarket, China's most influential brand, and participated in the national "automobile brake disc" standard.
The platform business is operated by Yantai Meifeng's cross-border e-commerce department and is directly responsible for Wang Yong, general manager of Yantai Meifeng. The Cross-border Business Unit currently employs 30 people, including 22 undergraduate and above. It includes 4 quality inspection personnel, 4 technical development and maintenance personnel, 7 website operators, 4 logistics specialists and 6 customer service specialists. At the same time, the company employs 8 consultants in related fields. There are quality inspection department, foreign trade service center, supply chain department and Qingdao operation center.
The Qingdao Operation Center is located in the North District of Qingdao, with an office area of ​​260 square meters. It is mainly responsible for website operations and cross-border e-commerce store operations.