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The meteor cross-border e-commerce integrated service platform (hereinafter referred to as “Yanshi” or “platform”) is committed to creating an efficient and convenient one-stop cross-border e-commerce integrated service platform, providing cross-border e-commerce full-process customized solutions for small and medium-sized auto parts enterprises. Program.
The platform consists of three online sub-platforms and one offline operation center, which are composed of auto parts trading platform, foreign trade service platform, auto parts distribution platform and incubation operation center. Provide SMEs with cross-border e-commerce display, trading, customs clearance, logistics, overseas warehousing, payment, settlement, tax refund, store opening, trademark registration, brand authorization, generation operation, brand alliance, training, talent incubation, distribution, etc. The station-based service solves many problems in the process of cross-border e-commerce operations and opens up the entire process of cross-border e-commerce operations.
The platform connects to a single window of China's electronic ports, and realizes data exchange and information sharing with customs, foreign management, national tax and other administrative departments, providing warehousing, customs clearance, settlement and other integration and "single window" for cross-border trade enterprises' import and export customs clearance. "service. In 2017, the platform realized a transaction amount of 10,000 US dollars and 102 service companies.
The platform was invested and operated by Yantai Meifeng Machinery Co., Ltd. and launched in August 2016.